Power Nap

by Sleepy K

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released July 24, 2015

Written and performed by Sleepy K
Produced by A.R
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cj Lohnes
Artwork by Joe MacMillan



all rights reserved


Glory Versus Failure Nova Scotia

A hip-hop collective from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Track Name: Mr. Right (feat. Jkenny)
Verse 1

Listen up I’m ill, literally sick of no skill/
MCs dressing the mic up with frills/
Last time I checked, I had negative bills/
Still chilling and delivering authentic thrills/

Tell your sister I’m Mr Right/
Is she down to be my girlfriend, mistress, wife/
I can lead a distressing life/
If I don’t pop my pills in the morning light/

Abnormally writing and recording/
Doing damage with the axe, imitating Lizzie Borden/
I can only trust that I’ll rip it on the mic/
Little peep of Sleepy K’s way to live life/

I got bboy blood, so a bboy beat/
Makes me break and whip out the salsa feet/
Cross body lead, then I’m up in your face/
I’m dancing all over the bass, get it cracking now/

Verse 2

I got a demon off my back/
I hope that one day he comes back/
So he can help me write another track/
I’m stuck here running laps in time/
To keep myself under wraps when I rap this rhyme/

Fuck I need some esophagus/
Without the bottle from last night, affecting all my promises/
See I’m an old pro on the court, a real casanova of the sport/

Whom I’m kidding I’m a kid without a vision/
Living every lonely second on the wrong side of a prism/
Pristine flow flow that can kill em/
Hopefully collaterally damage the part of me that’s timid/

Maybe I’m too damn sensitive/
Or I don’t have the wiring to make sense of this/
Vivid dreams when you chasing me around/
Wonder why I don’t get any sleep now/

Verse 3
I took a month off sipping hot sauce/
To put it on the track like a boss/
Shock my chakra back into a line/
Up and down my spine, I’m twisting all the time/

I never took a minute just to look within and see what type of man is starting to emerge/
Now I’m on the verge, of finding proof of the truth that sleepy belongs in the booth/
Fuck them other dudes if they think I need a woman just to be masculine/
Man I’m doing fine/
Going to work, going bezerk, put my flow in the dirt and make it muddy til it hurts/

700 days since I stepped on the stage/
That’s part of me locked in a cage/
I just wanna rage with a bit of pomade/
And blow every single one of your brains until you get what you paid for/

Fuck it nobody’s buying the tape/
Don’t even listen to this song cuz it’s not that great/
I would stop if I could, but the boom bap bass/
Brings me back like a defib would/

Wrote about my vices, whether I’m nice/
And how I like to dance and doubt/
Am I Mr Right? Man well I don’t know/
I’mma keep keeping on with the show, Sleepy/
Track Name: Caffiend
Ready set, ah just go/
I’m coming in like the king of the globe/
Dry clean pristine with a little bit of bboy to rock the scene and/

Atm fee gonna be the death of me/
Money clip getting thin keep the liquor flowing free/
I’m often off, get up my cloud, I’m on another level and I never burned one down/

Some shroud from the apfelwein that I sip/
Homebrew boi but the buzz legit/
I’m a grown man, I don’t spit game/
Looking for a smart woman to be kissang, hah/

It’s kind of tough, when you’re hip-hop to the bone/
and every single girl you take home/
Is not on the same page, and baby girl has got mad brain/
Too bad I got a mad brain too need to talk about different kinda things than you/
If I wanna get enough of that good stuff to keep my cortex fed and my wit well stocked/

I teeter totter with hotties with bodies who vacant/
Or doctor doctorate women who don’t understand me spitting/
And If it’s a man’s world, I gotta find out who/
Be be friend me a Jay Gatsby crew/
Ah fuck it I’m busy, I’ll just rock crowds til I’m finished being dope/

I need to wake myself up/
G-g-g-get smooth, like every one of my moves/

Nobody working hard as me/
When I burn I burn big to the third degree/
The degree that I copped absurdity/
Honor and cold iron, certainly/

Techie gonna wreck it on the record/
Rigor mortis setting in before I’m even done recording/
Need a little bit of head up in the morning/
Better not be boring cuz I’m coming in with the glide, pouring it on thick/

Look tough with the fisticuff that I caught/
Spendthrift cop everything to cough it up/
I’d say choke on this dick/
Then you’d all think I’m sick/

Fuck that I like to go heavy/
I’m ready to fend off every/
Bit of pleasure that I ever woulda thought of giving you/
Take it to another level til you burn 100 proof/

Then we gonna drop the match, and flame off the cuffs/
And claim everything that we have been building up/
Change up the flow just like the stroke to keep you guessing/
Sleepy K is in the fucking building baby/

Sleepy Rap with gusto/
If you want me to rush though/
Back out with the pack out/
Getting black out bow down/
Downtown go to pound now/
Simple to meeting hot women, often awesome/
Sybil is being freaky with a change a costume/
On that note I should leave/
I probably got a place to be, Sleepy/

I’m jacked up on Caffeind!/

Go left, go right/
Go spazz out like I’m holding my own windpipe/
And I can’t let the grip die down so I need to keep squeezing/
Til I stop breathing long enough to pass out from the feeling/
Fuck it when I’m feeling like I’m falling apart from the inside out/
Heart going thump thump thump/
Pumping my blood, shaking my hands, caffeind caffeind caffeind caffeind/
Sleepy K needs sleepy time tea/
Track Name: I'm Sleepy (feat. Ugly As Sin)
I’m killing em, hashtag killing em/
Murdering the rhythm got me feeling like villain/
Okayyyyyyyyy show me what you’re working with/
Okayyyyyyyyy let me fix it up a bit/

Sleepy K fresher than ever, hand covered in leather/
I’m already ready to weather whatever/
Fuck everything, fuck fuck everything/
Fuck your diamonds and your cars and your wedding rings/

I don't need em, I don't believe em/
I’m just a long lost heathen looking for a reason and a meaning/
If you got it man tell me/
Or at least scream loud that you feel me, check it/

Sleepy K just woke up, that’s what’s cracking/
Too late with the camera to catch the action/
Bounce with the rhythm of the keys right now/
Nap time is over so open your mouth/

Who you like to fuck with?/
Say Sleepy, Sleepy/
Who get it hype as fuck kid?/
Sleepy, Sleepy/
Who keep the jam going live as hell?/
Say Sleepy, Sleepy/
How do I feel when I’m done for real?/
I said Sleepy, Sleepy/

Oh yeah/
Sleepy K is a pro man/
I like it when you down on both hands, god damn/
I can do that too if it gets you going/

Cro magnon my brain too big/
No dick pun, but I could make one yah dig?/
Tools of the trade with you fools on parade/
Sleepy K is in his hayday fuck getting paid/

I make money from my iron ring/
I drop bars like a bard cuz I’m born to sing/
I go hard on the stage cuz you’re so boring/
When your whack show doesn’t energize a thing/

Meditate on the daily/
Don’t run until my feet start failing/
Doing me like only I can/
Sleepy K is the man and you heard it here first/
Track Name: WAAAter
Tan skin, with that honey brown/
The frown you wearing is perilous to your merits/
A lot of girls want to make love when up in Paris/
I don’t speak that language often, frankly I’m too embarrassed/
Thank you kindly kind lady, I’m finding that I’m the best line
Is quite shady, cruel jest at the best of times/
Cross the yester line, burn frost in the midst of summertime/
Lasange help the throat, I’ve been yelling at the top of mine/
Topping off conflagrate your real estate/
Self irridate no suitable ground is ready, fit to cultivate/
Brawl, take the bait, fall, big mistake, don’t even crawl/
Just levitate to the precipice/
Pressing like it’s festivus/
Half the puzzle pieces placed, figure out the rest of it/
Cardiac arresting even though I’m a smart joe/
I can be a dumb Alejandro/
Fly so low camera phone to take a photo, fresh/

You’re so fluid by the light of the moon/
The red and green globe glowing keep my body in tune/
Strong frame on the flop, when the bite of the frost is menacing/
Credit aesthetic for all the medicine/
Sway down the riverbank, opposite the dinnerplate/
Allegorical revelation is featherweight/
Capsize the boat, I’m baptized in hope/
Paddle circles in the widest of motes/
The motif is bout to elope/
Commendable until the third stroke/
When the jester is running out of jokes/
Consume late to rectify the toothache/
Committing everything to memory til Tuesday/
Booze day is bruise day, I’m saying who say?/
I’ll probably hyperventilate away the sundry/
Sun dial is reading a quarter, I’m still failing to record/
So I’ve got nothing new to report, I’m done/
Track Name: Lotus Bombs
They say a man dies two deaths/
One when he takes his last breath/
The second when his name is uttered for the last time/

Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Already get down with me/

If you wanna see the energy 100 p/
I’m buzzing like a motherfucking bumblebee on methamphetamine/
No sitting in the mezzanine I’m in the helicopter scene/
I’m taking off and telling Issac Newton fuck your gravity/
Ungh If I come through swinging rip a rotator cuff by the end of the evening/
I can call my own bluff, I don’t think my stuff is good enough to slow up/

Whom I kidding, I’m killing it, got a little swagger in my step when I’m feeling it,wooh/
If I’m not moving then it’s safe to say nobody in the crowd is even thinking about grooving/
Then I’m losing all this hip hop is a movement so hop everybody hop everybody hop everybody hop hop/
Ah shit, I wanna keep it hip/
Rap about something legit with meaning behind it, hook/

Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Watch sleepy turn it up to 100 p/
Come on everybody fuck with me/

Easier to get a lot of daps and spinal tap it to 11/
Can you really find heaven with unleavened bread?/
Oh none of y’all wanna talk about that?/
Well let’s party til we’re fucked up stat, that’s the battle cry/

That’s okay, I can ball with yall/
And put a couple shots back, personal pub crawl/
Honestly I’m kinda sick of being drunk/
And spending way too much money going drinking at the club/

Go take a sandy walk and have a thought about what’s blocking me/
From living out my prophecy of not needing apologies/
For everything I wanna do or say or think I’m always on the brink/
Of beings weird as fuck, I don’t care what you think of me/

That’s how I wish I could be/
I already said my Worst Critic is me/
Combine that with GAD/
and moving to a new city can you blame me?/

Everybody always says that they want a bad bitch/
I just want a woman to connect with/
If you think about it if the only thing you brag about/
Is how many sexy women that you turning out/

What the fuck does that say about you?/
That you’re too invested in being that dude/
I got a problem deriving all my worth/
From the quality of women that come rolling in the dirt with me/

I can put up a miraculous veneer/
I’m not using my vernacular to cover up my fears/
Terrified of dying alone, 9 to 5 til I’m old, never owning a home/

No money no goals no path no help no hope nobody to elope with/
These are things that we all struggle with/
Just remember that your life is a gift, tell em Sleepy said it/